5 Myths about Digital Marketing

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What we hear, is what we think is true!

The marketing industry has undoubtedly offered a vast range of networks, where they can easily connect with clients on a huge scale. And it would not have been possible without Digital Marketing and other online tools like Internet. But there lay some dark myths underneath all the great aspects of Digital Marketing. Hence, it is important to acknowledge those facts and get them into the spotlight with a hope that it provides a deeper insight to all the users.

MYTH #1 – Yields results with a blink of an eye, because it’s online!

The truth is, it doesn’t. It usually takes minimum of 3-4 months to get the results. We believe Digital Marketing can really reach millions with a clap of hands. But, we also need to believe that we still have to build trust with those clients. With Digital Marketing, the formula of being “slow and steady” is applied to win the race.

MYTH #2 – Only engineers/techies can handle this.

This is a very common misconception that people usually have when it comes to Digital Marketing. Anyone who is familiar with marketing, or interested in online platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, and other social media, etc., can do Digital Marketing. What is needed is a little bit of training and the job is done.

MYTH #3 – Installation of a mobile app !

No, not really. Idea of a mobile app sounds great but not every organization has a vision to do so. It is because mobile is just a channel, not a brand strategy. Sticking with in-app advertising is a good thing to work with.

MYTH #4 – Blogging is unproductive.

Blogs are usually misunderstood and are thus clearly visible on the myths of Digital Marketing list. Relying on “Any content will make my website good” is considered a myth in Digital Marketing blogging. Blogging is just a matter of being committed and spending time on publishing highly informative write-ups. Share those blogs on social media in which people actually show their interest. It will surely generate some sort of exposure to your clients.

MYTH #5 – Creating a website is enough.

Digital Marketing platform is very dynamic and also its arena is constantly evolving. Clients these days are very keen to get the latest information available. Online Marketing does not support websites that are stagnant. This is surely not going to get any leads to your business. Updating your website with regular and reliable information is suggested to be done.


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